Funding Solutions

For seniors and their families needing financial options to consider living at Gates Mills Club, there are various “Funding Solutions” available. Please take some time to consider these programs and learn more about how these options can provide you and your family the funds you need to access living at Gates Mills Club and give you financial peace of mind.

Bridge Loan Program – Elderlife Financial Services offers efs:Access, a loan structured as a line of credit with low monthly payments that you and your family can use to supplement or finance your monthly rent. The efs:Access loan can be used to help:

  • Pay for rent while waiting for a home to sell
  • Pay for rent while waiting to settle a life insurance policy or the VA Benefit to arrive
  • Finance move-in fees or Supplement monthly rent

Elder Financial Services specializes in helping families with senior living needs and can be reached at 1-888-228-4500 or at

Life Insurance Settlement Program – Life Care Funding Group will liquidate an existing life insurance policy in as little as 30-90 days for a lump sum payment; much higher than the cash surrender value. Eligibility requirements:

  • Age 65 or older (ages as young as 55 can be considered)
  • Any type of Life Insurance Policy with a combined death benefit value of $50,000 or greater.
  • A Life Settlement is the sale of an asset, not a loan, and has no restrictions on the use of the money or requirements to be secured or paid back.
  • The policy owner is no longer responsible for paying premiums once a Life Settlement is complete.

To learn more about Life Settlements as a source of funds for seniors visit Life Care Funding Group’s email them at or call 1-888-670-7773.

Gates Mills Club is ready to work with you and direct you to the resource necessary to answer all your questions about funding options.

PLEASE NOTE: These are just some of the options available. We encourage your family to review all options at your disposal and let us know what is best for you. Gates Mills Club receives no compensation from any of the companies mentioned here. The information herein should not be considered an endorsement of services. Gates Mills Club is simply making the existence of payment options known – to help families with the costs associated with senior living. We encourage you and your family to explore these and all other options.