Philosophy of Wellness

At Gates Mills Club we have adopted an overall “Philosophy of Wellness.” This means that we are dedicated to keeping you active and healthy so you can enjoy living in the place you call home.


Our Fitness Center allows residents of Gates Mills Club the opportunity to take advantage of exercise machines and fitness activities. A certified personal trainer conducts regularly scheduled classes as part of our overall philosophy.


Gates Mills club offers a full time Lifestyle Coordinator who creates daily activities that are healthy and fun. Our Lifestyle Coordinator allows residents to choose from a host of activities both at GMC as well as day and evening outings. Our activities are designed to stimulate the mind and body while continuing to be fun and engaging for everyone.


Gates Mills Club provides the residents of Gates Mills Club some of the finest meals in senior living. Most menu items are made from scratch, with no additional salt added. We offer multiple choices on a restaurant style menu that changes daily.


While residents of Gates Mills Club can always hire any home care agency of their choosing to assist with additional care needed, additional assistance will also be available through our licensed assisted living services. Overseen by a registered nurse, GMC Assisted Living services will be available to those residents who have signed up. Residents will be allowed to stay in their own independent apartments with the services brought to them; no need to move to an ‘assisted living’ wing. Thus, they continue to live in the place they call home even if they need a helping hand in some areas of their lives. Additionally, we will soon have an outpatient therapy company in-house for those times when your primary care provider has ordered therapy at home. Lastly, we offer weekly Blood Pressure Clinics and access to our nurse for consultation when needed.