ASSISTED versus SKILLED…Do You Know the Difference?

Many of you know by now that GMC is a licensed as an assisted living community. What many don’t always understand is the difference between assisted living and skilled nursing. So what is the difference?

The two biggest differences revolve around the level of medical services provided and the physical plant of the community. Residents in a nursing home require around the clock care and monitoring. They typically live with more complex health care conditions that require the assistance of a skilled nurse or a respiratory, physical or speech therapist.
By contrast, residents in an assisted living community generally require custodial care. Custodial care involves meals, housekeeping, transportation and activities, plus minimal care with tasks like assistance with dressing or bathing or taking meds. Caregivers do not provide skilled nursing. Nurses in assisted living are there to oversee the caregivers and take care of the paperwork required by regulations. They do not provide extensive skilled nursing services. If skilled nursing is required temporarily (less than 120 days total), an outside skilled nursing or therapy agency can be called in to assist.
Most folks still living in their family home will find out about assisted living when a health event puts them into rehab. That is a good place to get serious about the idea of moving to assisted living, because assisted living will extend the benefits gained from being in a rehab. The other difference (physical plant of a community) refers to the fact that a skilled nursing home is more hospital-like and you may share a room. Most Assisted Livings’ offer private apartments varying in size and design features. At GMC we can rightfully boast of having some of the largest apartments in the area. Plus our apartments offer full kitchens and bathrooms, and separate living rooms and bedrooms. Many independent seniors live at GMC knowing they have the option of staying in their apartment and adding assisted living services when the time comes… no having to move to an ‘assisted living wing.’ Take a look at our newsletters to see more of what residents at GMC are able to enjoy, and you’ll better understand that assisted living extends healthful living. As a finishing touch to a good idea, GMC now accepts Medicaid Waivers for those (residents and healthful seniors) who may soon run out of money. Waivers pay for a senior to live at GMC. Call Gates Mills Club for more information today!

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