February Friendships

By and large, February is a hard month. We’re in the middle of winter, we’re stuck indoors, and we watch too much television. So we humans have invented a wonderful holiday halfway through the month to break the doldrums and put some spark into our days. Valentine’s is a heartwarming tradition, particularly for couples. But it’s too easy to pass this holiday off as a children’s tradition. We should use it for other relationships…like friendships.

I came across this quote: “What do we live for, if it is not to make life less difficult for each other?” – George Elliot Now doesn’t that speak to an aspect of friendship? We’re blessed to have friends.

That makes me think of senior living communities—being in a close community of people your own age who very often become friends. It’s more than living in a comfortable apartment home or having transportation available for a ride or to go shopping. It’s about the life inside the community. Finding new friends while keeping the old. Staying active and engaged. Friendships among peers.

Residents here at Gates Mills Club aren’t just sitting around waiting for warm weather. Yes, we may watch some television (various movies, and particularly the Super Bowl on Feb. 1st at our Super Bowl Party), but we’ve found a way to play through winter. Take a look at our calendar to see tons of exercises, crafts, board games, scrabble, cards, bingo, day trips to casinos, a cruise, a happy hour, and a Valentine’s Dinner, movies galore. We support the Mayfield Heights Golden Age Club that meets weekly at the local senior center, and the Hillcrest Bingo Club that meets monthly – now at GMC! There is just too much to mention in a blog.

Senior Living is really about LIVING. Isn’t that what we all want to do? Isn’t it time to make new friends who’ll help make life less difficult? Isn’t that what healthy living is all about? Stop by Anytime!

– Vickie Sheppard, Executive Director

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