Mind, Body, And Home

With this month’s theme focused on Mind, Body, and Home – opportunities abound at Gates Mills Club for everyone to exercise their mind AND body daily.

We have a library filled with a variety of books for the choosing, a computer with internet capability, various games and cards. Our bus heads to the Mayfield Library monthly as well. We have a wonderful monthly “class” where we share memories of our experiences throughout life, called HER or HIStory…What’s Yours? The Hooks n Needles Club provides a social venue as well as a reason to create useful items for others. Our monthly Travelogue allows us to travel to places new and old from the comfort of our movie theater.

Our craft classes give us an artistic outlet while creating decorations for our various parties and events, or perhaps in our own homes. Club Fitness is booming with folks looking to improve their health through a variety of exercise classes (chair yoga, low-impact exercise, personal one-on-one training with a trainer, and Fitness Fun on Fridays). Oh my…you should see those Friday Folks in action!

Last year our Wellness Walkers raced from GMC to Tower City in Cleveland (figuratively speaking) by keeping track with individual pedometers. This year they are already well on their way to Chicago…no we will not let this cold Cleveland weather stop us! Our seminar on March 19th (7-8PM) features three experts in their field (real estate, moving logistics, and interior design) as they guide attendees through the intimidating process of selling their home, sorting through their belongings, and setting up a new home in a retirement community.

This fun-filled hour will supply plenty of hands-on tips and creative ideas, and the experts will even go further and help you if needed. We also know how harrowing a hospital stay can be! We have an internet radio celebrity and local author PAT RULLO coming to talk about her book: Speak Up and Stay Alive, a story on surviving a hospital stay and improving the hospital experience. She’ll be here on Mar. 10th at 12 noon if you’d like to come.

All in all…it is a month full of all things Mind-Body-Home! Happy St Patrick’s Day to you!

– Vickie Sheppard, Executive Director

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