Late Bloomers

There was an interesting news article on the CBS Sunday Morning Show recently about this very thing. Not only are seniors productive and vibrant in their later years, but sometimes their talent doesn’t emerge until a person has some history behind them!

Grandma Moses didn’t start painting until her late 70’s, and she painted well into her late 90’s. Carol Gardner, creator of the Zelda line of cards, didn’t get her creative idea until she was 52 yrs old. Several Pulitzer prize winners were well past their 50’s and 60’s. Col. Sanders began KFC when he turned 65 yrs old, and Julia Child was 50 when she made her television debut!

It seems that a bit of life history can add to that creative streak. CBS entitled their news article, “It’s Never too Late to be a Late Bloomer” and I put the link here if you want to see the full video. My point is… we have quite a few late bloomers at GMC. Our residents have been busy throughout the winter in craft and art classes making items for their apartments.

We plan to hold an Art Show in conjunction with our Open House on the 3rd Saturday of the month – April 18th between 1-3pm. Not only will the models and common areas be available for viewing, but their art will be featured throughout the common areas for attendees to see and appreciate. Nothing is for sale, but it does point to one thing…our senior years can be just a productive and vibrant as our younger years.

We firmly believe at GMC that you’re only limited by how many years you have on this earth. So stop by our April Open House and be prepared to be amazed!

– Vickie Sheppard, Executive Director

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