Successful Art Show!

If you haven’t read the prior post entitled, “Late Bloomers”…you need to do that first. Then you will understand why this post is mostly pictures. The GMC Late Bloomers Art Show on Saturday, April 18th was a fabulous… Read More

Late Bloomers

There was an interesting news article on the CBS Sunday Morning Show recently about this very thing. Not only are seniors productive and vibrant in their later years, but sometimes their talent doesn’t emerge until a person has… Read More

Mind, Body, And Home

With this month’s theme focused on Mind, Body, and Home – opportunities abound at Gates Mills Club for everyone to exercise their mind AND body daily.

February Friendships

By and large, February is a hard month. We’re in the middle of winter, we’re stuck indoors, and we watch too much television. So we humans have invented a wonderful holiday halfway through the month to break the… Read More

Are You Ready… Pt 3

At this point you have already learned about the differences between the 3 basic categories of senior housing: Independent Living, Assisted Living, and Skilled Nursing Homes. Finding a community is separate from deciding. What I am going to… Read More

Are You Ready… Pt 2

As I indicated in Part 1, not every retirement community will suit every senior. There is a process for finding the right one. Before that, you need to understand the “lay of the land.”

Are You Ready For Senior Living?

Before you say,“No! I’m not ready for a retirement community,” please take a few minutes to answer these 4 questions for yourself.

Salute To Our Veterans

It is a well-known fact veterans don’t like to discuss their military history. “Someone has always had it worse. It was my grandsons who first got me to talk about it,” said retired Staff Sgt. Jack Stoner, a… Read More

Ebola Scammers Targeting Seniors

The Federal Trade Commission says it has seen an upsurge in the number of “Ebola scammers” targeting older Americans and others. These scammers are making unsubstantiated claims that products containing everything from silver to herbal oils and snake… Read More